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Monday, April 21, 2014

PARIS PHOTO DIARY, PART 5: the day we missed our train to Château de Chambord

Free People Leia, Jennifer Zeuner wishbone necklace
Bonjour! Sometimes things just don't go your way. Despite our best efforts to plan a trip to the Château de Chambord, which included a great deal of researching and booking our train tickets on my device, we ended up missing the train the next morning. Here's how SERIOUS EPIC FUCK UP happened. We ran all over the train station, trying to find our damn platform and wasted a good 15-20 minutes. Our epic fail also cost us half of our refund. So, these photos are the result of what we did that day. At least we got in some good eating. :)

Aux Charpentiers Paris, where to eat in Paris, best restaurants in Paris
Lunch at Aux Charpentiers

Aux Charpentiers Paris, where to eat in Paris, best restaurants in Paris
Their potato gratin and rack of lamb were unreal. Definitely add this place to your list of restaurants. 

This beautiful garden happened to be a few blocks away from the train station.

Parisian souvenirs

La Cure Gourmande

Fall in Pareee.

Free People Leia jumpsuit, Jennifer Zeuner wishbone
Ready for more good eating.

Le Gros Minet Paris, where to eat in Paris, best restaurants in Paris
One of my favorite restaurant spots in Paris. Add this place to your list, too.

Good night, Paris!

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

PARIS PHOTO DIARY, PART QUATRE: tour eiffel and Notre Dame

Eiffer Tower Paris, stripes
shirt: J. Crew (love this slouchy version from J. Crew), jeans: Zara (old, similar destroyed here), blazer: Club Monaco, boots: Isabel Marant

So many dreams fulfilled all at once that day. Despite the overcast and rain showers, Paris was still every bit as beautiful and dreamy. 

It's incredible how this happened nearly 6 months ago. Not sure how round two will top this one -- nothing like your first, right?

For more of my Paris photo diaries, check out part one, part two, and part three

Isabel Marant, Eiffel Tower, Paris outfit
Hooray, hooray! Oui made it! <~~ see what I did there? 

Eiffel Tower, Paris outfit
I got you, babe.

Having a moment.

Parisian outfit, Regis Paris, stripes

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